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The Framework


The framework was developed as an attempt to develop meaningful higher education and is being continuously improved at the moment in an extracurricular programme for bachelor students at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands.

Explanation of the framework

The framework is an iterative model for personal development, based on Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas and Agile/SCRUM components. Students are working not only on skills and knowledge, but also on attitude & mindset and personal insights.

  1. We start with the personal incentive and the feeling of the student to make something happen. Students articulate their proposal towards the educational board, which exists of a few coaches. The proposal may come in any way: a song, a movie, a hand written letter, a product, et cetera.
  2. Then the student and the educational board will talk about the idea and afterwards the student meets his or her fellow students.
  3. The educational coaches bring in their list of learning goals, but the student and other stakeholders also bring in goals. Educational coaches and fellow students guide the individual student in conducting a backlog with learning goals for a sprint (in our case: 10 weeks). Prioritising a list of backlog items together, in silence, helps the student in setting the goals straight.
  4. Students will set up their backlog and decide themselves how they are getting the item done, and what they mean by ‘done (definitions of how and definitions of done, DOH’s and DOD’s).
  5. In sharing sessions they will share what they’ve come across: what data did they gather and what did they learn from the sprint?
  6. Adaptation from the build-measure-learn loop in the sprint leads to another prioritisation of the backlog for the next sprint.
  7. Progress in the sprint is the indvidual’s as well as the group’s responsibility. Tools like Slack, Trello, Whatsapp and Facebook are used to stick together troughout the sprint.

Download our PDF-version of the framework at our Download & media section!


We love to share our framework, you may use it in the way you want. All we want in return is your feedback, for the framework is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means you can share your feedback, for example by sharing your feedback on our blog, or by sending us your modified version of the framework for publication by us, or just a link to your online published changes. We will publish this in favor of our online community of education builders and to improve our education system.


See our Why for more background on our vison and what motivated us to start with this framework.
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